About Me

I’ve been studying the Chinese market since 2013.  The rapid growth and impact on the world’s consumption of commodities and the sheer mass of people could not be ignored. However, it was the advertised perils of the mysterious but foreboding shadow banking that drew me in.  As I dug into the rather limited and often conflicting data, I was more confused but also intrigued.   I’ve read multiple reports from bloggers, experts, the IMF, the World Bank, JP Morgan, Citibank, Moody’s and others to try to understand this hybrid model of capitalism.  The more I learned, the more perplexed I was over how the Shanghai market could go so high, reaching a peak in mid 2015.  While Chinese data showed remarkable growth, the financial data presented by the major market sectors: banks, insurance, cement, steel, aluminum and power companies revealed a much less robust picture which has been rapidly declining in 2015.  In this blog I’ll show my findings.

Unfortunately I don’t read or speak Chinese.  I have an MBA from the University of Wisconsin Madison and worked in banking for about 12 years.






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